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Outdoor activities

Summer toboggan Bobkart

Summer tobbogan Bobkart

Bobkart summer 800m long toboggan run winds down the Celjska koča ski slope

Adventure park Celjska koča

Adventure park Celjska koča

The Park comprises 35 different elements (blue, red and black line).

Zipline Celjska koča

Zipline Celjska koča

NEW June 2020

Zipline Celjska koča (Celjska hut) – descent along two steel cables 426m and 403m

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Celjska koča (the Celje hut) with its hinterland is a part of a country side on the southern part of the Celje valley, for which the main characteristics is a hilly landscape, typical of this area is also the preserved natural habitat and small density of population. It is relatively close to the city Celje (8,5 km from Pečovnik and 12 km from Štore) and is connected to the valley with roads and hiking paths.

Šmartinsko jezero (lake)

Šmartinsko lake

374m long wakeboard ski lift, canoe, kayak, SUP, 25-meter acrobatic ski jump

E-bike Rentals

E-bike Rental

Electric bikes offer guests a fun way to explore the surrounding area

Local delicacies

Slovenian local delicacies

Roast pork leg with side dish … and more


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Adventure park
Bobkart /
Children’s polygon – ecalator  /
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Check our live cameras and follow current weather conditions at Celjska koča.

ZIP Line Celjska Koča