Detox honey massage:

Raw organic flower honey, which is a complex mixture of biologically active substances is used for the detox honey massage. During the massage 633445409677345001_00ahoney is absorbed through the skin as it nourishes and feeds your body. Honey and specific massage techniques, with lymph drainage properties, helps the body with the removal of toxins. At the same time reflexology zones are stimulated and circulation is improved.

Aroma therapy with propolis
With the help of an evaporator, propolis is heated to 80 degrees Celsius, this process leads to the gradual evaporation of specific essential oils that protect the respiratory system against colds and pleasantly scent the air. The evaporator is equipped with an ionizer, which causes the generation of negative oxygen ions which in turn purify the air of floating particles and microbes.

Facial Reflexology SorensensistemTM

This is a deeply relaxing, pleasant and painless therapy. It acts as a natural lifting; softens the lines of the face and improves skin tone. Massaging the reflexology zones and acupuncture points on the face improves blood circulation, stimulates the nervous system and meridians / energy channels throughout the body, which have a positive impact on health. Significantly improves mood and alleviates the effects of stress.

  • improves well-being,
  • eases the effects of stress,
  • relieves migraine headaches, pain and allergies,
  • alleviates symptoms of depression

House massage Carniolica
It employs a unique technique developed by pcelinji-proizvodiapitherapists, reflexologists and massage therapists. It is a combination of honey massage of the face and back, using a variety of massage techniques to achieve deep relaxation of the whole body. Particular emphasis is given to the back and shoulder girdles. At the same time, you will enjoy aromatherapy with propolis, which has a soothing effect on your respiratory system, strengthens your immune system and protects you from colds.

DENS pain therapy

DENS (Dynamic Adaptive Neuro Electro Stimulation) is one of the modern directions of reflexology therapy. It is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and technological discoveries of the 21 century. In most cases a human body is capable of ‘self-repairing’. This process requires some stimulation of certain areas of the body that are responsible for the stable function of specific organs and systems. In the East they stimulate active areas with needles, special sticks or with fingers. This is very effective, but can be quite painful as well. The DENS therapy is also based on stimulating the internal organs and systems through the skin, but is completely painless. The DENS therapy not only helps you alleviate pain and discomfort, but also stimulates self-healing that roots out the causes of pain.


  1. Honey Facial Massage with lymph drainage properties and lifting effect + romatherapy with propolis

    30 min / 35 EUR

  2. Detox honey massage of back + therapeutic back massage + aromatherapy with propolis

    40 min / 47 EUR

  3. Package of 5 detox honey back massages + therapeutic back massage + Aromatherapy with propolis

    40 min / 207 EUR

  4. Detox honey massage of back + therapeutic back massage + aromatherapy with propolis

    60 min / 60 EUR

  5. Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ + Foot Reflexology + aromatherapy with propolis

    60 min / 60 EUR

  6. House massage CARNIOLICA

    70 min / 73 EUR

  7. Therapeutic back massage + Diadens pain relief therapy

    60 min / 60 EUR