Adventure park Celjska koča

In April 2014, the Adventure Park nestled among the tree trunks and canopies was opened to the public. Routes for every age group (pre-school children, children under 15, adults) give you the opportunity to learn about the environment in an innovative way, to exercise and engage in adventurous recreational activities.

The Park comprises 35 different elements. It is intended for children aged five and above or children at least 150cm tall (with arms raised above their heads) as well as adults. Test your skills by overcoming obstacles such as planks, bridges, nets, climbing walls, U-shaped loops and others. Adrenaline addicts will particularly enjoy the “Monkey Tree” which will surely get your blood pumping.

The Park consists of three routes of varying levels of difficulty:

The Blue Route is the easiest and is intended for children aged five or older, or children who are at least 150cm tall (with arms raised above their heads). The route comprises nine different elements.

The Red Route is of medium difficulty and is suitable for children aged eight and older, or children who are at least 160cm tall (with arms raised above their heads) as well as adults. The route comprises 11 different elements.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information. E-mail: [email protected]

The Black Route is the most difficult and is also suitable for children aged eight and older, or children who are at least 150cm tall (with arms raised above their heads) as well as adults. The route comprises 15 different elements.

Adventure park does not operate in case of bad weather.

Instructions and rules for the Adventure park

  1. Before first visit of the Adventure park Celjska koča each participant must read this
    instructions and rules. Adults must present this instructions and rules to visitors
    younger than 15 years of age and sign it for them (the name, surname and contact
    number of the adult must be written on it). Visitor with signature confirms that she/he
    read the instructions and rules and that use of Adventure park is on her/his on
  2. Visitors are aware to accept some risks related with climbing activities when using
    Adventure park Celjska koča and are fully responsible for their own safety. For
    company’s responsibility read paragraph 7.
  3. Adventure park Celjska koča is appropriate for visitors older than 4 years, who do not
    have any mental problems with height and any other health problems, which may be
    risky or dangerous. Children under 15 years are allowed to visit Adventure park
    Celjska koča only acompanied with adult or professional personel. For use of specific
    courses read some additional requirements:
    Course name Required age and height
    School All participants from 4 years
    Blue All participants form 5 yrs. or 150 cm
    Red All participants form 8 yrs. or 160 cm
    Black All participants from 8 yrs. Or 160 cm
  4. Tiny objects, like: mobile phone, cameras, yewellery, sun glasses, est. are not allowed
    during the use in Adventure park, because they can be dangerous for you or other
  5. Before use each visitor must take a short course (theoretical and practical) on the
    ground for the proper and safe use of safety equipment especialy how to clip on to the
    steel cables, which ensure safety in the park. All safety precautions are obligatory and
    must be consider during the use. In case of violation visitor can be requested to leave
    Adventure park Celjska koča. In case of violation company ZPO Celje d.o.o. does not
    take any responsibility and/or compensation claims.
  6. Safety gear (safety harness and carabiners), which gets every visitor, must not be taken
    off during the visit of the Adventure park Celjska koča. Safety gear must be used as
    instructed during the safety course. All parts of safety gear must be undemaged and
    returned immediately after use. Safety carabiners must be at all times connected to the
    safety steel cable on your harness. It is very important that during the climbing trought
    the course at displacement at least one carabiner must be connected to the safety steel
    cable. Both safety carabiners must not be disconected from the safety steel cable at
    any time! If in doubt, please call the closest instructor for further information.
  7. Company ZPO Celje d.o.o. is responsible in context by law for personal damage. For
    material damage and property is responsible only in case of instructor’s or owner’s
  8. It is allowed that only one person at the time is using single climbing challange. On
    the platforms connected to the trees only two persons are allowed at the same time.
    Use of the Adventure park is allowed only by considering the instructions and rules
    from paragraph 3.
  9. Organisator can request visitor to leave Adventure park Celjska koča in case of
    violation of this rules. Organisator can stop the use in case of safety precautions (fire,
    strong wind, thunderstrom, etc.). In this case entry fee is not refunded. Entry fee is not
    refunded also in case of voluntary exit of the Adveture park.
  10. Use of Adventure park Celjska koča in not allowed when taking alcoholic drinks
    and/or drugs.
  11. Smoking is not allowed during the use of safety equipment and/or during climbing.
  12. With signature visitors allows use of personal data for company’s internal bussines.
  13. With signature visitors allows use of foto and video made in Adventure park Celjska
    koča for marketing activities of company ZPO Celje d.o.o..


Adults     16,00 €
Children up to 15 years     10,00 €
Children up to 7 years        8,00€
1 adult + 1 child     22,00 €
2 adults + 1 child     35,00 €
2 adults + 2 children     40,00 €
2 adults + 3 children     45,00 €


  1. The minimum height of children with their arms raised above their heads must be minimum 150cm.
  2. Children under 15 years of age can visit the Adventure Park only when accompanied by an adult.
  3. One adult can accompany no more than 3 children.

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